English as a Second Language


Our English as a second language program, Conversations, offers 4 levels of English instruction. Students can choose between classes which meet Tues-Thurs mornings or Mon and Wed evenings. Conversations provides interactive English instruction in a classroom setting with knowledgeable teachers who use leveled curriculum. Wednesday mornings, we offer a class that works entirely on pronunciation practice.  

Additionally, we offer a variety of opportunities to converse with native English speakers including weekly seminars in a variety of practical areas, such as parenting, community health awareness, and Bible study.

• 44% of Dallas County residents are New Americans,
as defined by being a first or second generation immigrant

• 43% of Dallas County is of Hispanic origin,
making it the majority ethnic group

• 40% of Dallas County population speaks primarily
or only Spanish at home

Class Schedule Tues/Wed/Thurs